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The trusted perfumery

On November 2, 1966, exactly half a century ago, the Amica fashion magazine published the results of a survey, titled The trusted perfumery. In first place was Castelli Perfumery of Rome, with 137,826 votes: an astounding success gratefully acknowledged by Renato and Benedetto Castelli who sent in appreciation a large number of coupons to the Rizzoli published magazine, each coupon for one of the clients who voted for the Via Frattina's business.

That issue of Amica is still dear to Renato, together with a mountain of photographs and newspaper clippings that display the success enjoyed by the splendid Castelli Maison de Beauté, the Capital's hub for cosmetics and perfumery.

However, the real achievement of the Castelli brothers - just as Renato says - is represented by their loyal and passionate customers: happy with us, and that we have always been able to advise well, making our professionalism and our passion always available to them.

Castelli on the fashion runway

Since the early years of activity, the most important fashion magazines (Vogue, Amica, Bazaar, Elle) published accurate photographic articles both on the Maison de Beauté salon and its perfumery, setting the stage for the first cooperations between the Castelli family and the publishing world.

Soon, the wide network of relationships reached Rome's high fashion sector as well as the international one, drawing in prestigious designers such as Pino Lancetti, Irene Galitzine, and Renato Balestra, with which Maison de Beauté works on a regular basis to provide the hairstyles for the haute couture week in Rome.