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About Us

Castelli Maison de Beautè, located in the heart of Rome's historical downtown, is a salon specialized in hair styles, perfumes, and cosmetic products.

A laboratory of ideas and beauty treatments, the hair salon owned by the brothers Renato and Benedetto Castelli is a synonym of elegance, perfection, and authenticity, a valid solution to the needs and the high-class demands of an increasingly wide customer base. Professionalism, expertise, and passion allow Castelli's hair dressers to stand as an industry benchmark, and not only in the capital city. Among the loyal and historical customers of the Rome-based Maison were Veruska, Ines and Barbara Bach: the famous Bond Girl who co-starred with Roger Moore in the 1977 feature film The Spy Who Loved Me.

The reliability of the staff and the quality of the products used allow customers who choose Castelli to experience a unique and unforgettable experience; one that each customer will want to experience again and again. The special attention paid to hair and skin care conquers any new visitor, turning him or her into a loyal and involved regular at the via Frattina salon.

In addition to its Maison de Beautè, the Castelli family is famous for its perfume shops, which are real cosmetics counseling centers. The wide variety of products offered makes up for the perfect companions to the hairdressers' service and diligence, defining characteristics that helped Castelli's fame grow for more than fifty years.

The History

The Maison de Beauté owned by Renato and Benedetto Castelli was established in Rome in 1962; sixteen years after the grand opening in Via Frattina, the first Castelli perfume shop opened its doors as well. Many guests attended the inauguration and among them many were figures from the world of fashion, politics and even the Church.

Since the first years of activity, the Castelli brothers made clear their desire to provide continuity to the excellent care and detailed services made available to the customers that were distinguishing features of the Maison right from the start. The salon soon became a Roman icon of professionalism and elegance, unique elements reflected into the rapid growth of extremely qualified personnel.

The success of the high-end services provided by Castelli created a large number of customers: in 1966, as part of a survey launched by the magazine Amica, the Roman salon received 137,826 votes of preference, earning a large share of supporters that were impressed by the staff's professionalism and the quality of products.

Thus, in the beating heart of the eternal city, the Maison de Beauté became in no time the temple of haute coiffure, primarily visited by the most prominent women of the capital, always careful about their hairstyle and their physical appearance. For this reason, Castelli makes available a range of services that, in addition to the creation of hairstyles suitable for gala and important events, includes the possibility to enjoy the wide range of products offered by its wellness center.

With the passing of the years, the business success spread like wildfire, relying not only on demand that was constantly increasing but also on the extent of the products and services offered: objectives that were achieved thanks to the opening of three more perfume shops. Castelli Maison de Beauté and the most renowned companies in the industry began a close cooperation, and the Maison became one of their major customer in the perfumery and cosmetic market in the capital.

Still today, Castelli Maison de Beauté maintains its iconic location in Rome's historic downtown and offers the excellent know-how and expertise of its staff, constantly up to date on the latest trends and the most sought after styles.